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We are so glad you are here! Milèa Space is an Australian founded company with a deep desire to build a positive community of Movement, Health & Happiness focussing on the practise of Pilates & Yoga to create long lasting and sustainable change within your body leaving you feel confident and strong. Our love for movement and design lead us to create our signature mats to compliment our practise and provide an aesthetic and sustainable option for all bodies.
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The Milèa Yoga & Pilates Mat will transform your movement by supporting you with grip and stability to enhance your flow. Our mats are slightly wider than your average mat providing you with more space to stretch and move comfortably. They are free of Silicones, PVC, Phthalates and nasty chemicals giving you the comfort of knowing your body is in contact with clean materials. They are sweat absorbent, non-slip and cushioned to support you through all movements from crunches to burpees.


Our mats are manufactured from sustainably derived natural tree rubber fused together with an absorbent and non-slip microfibre suede surface. At Milèa we are dedicated to developing products with a minimal environmental impact along with partnering with factories that share our vision of sustainability and longevity. Caring for those involved in the development of our Mats are our top priority.


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Naturally Derived + High quality materials to ensure longevity


Encouraging a healthy lifestlye for your mind + body


Our mission

Finding a sense of community amongst like-minded individuals that are longing for Connection, Movement, Health and a life of Happiness has been our drive for Milèa. A space where you can grow, encourage one another, find inspiration, motivation.

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