Why Pilates is great for EVERY body

Why Pilates is great for EVERY body

Pilates was developed in the 1920s by the legend himself Joseph Pilates for the pure purpose of rehabilitation and restoration of aches and pains in the body. It focusses on improving Flexibility, Balance, Strength and overall Body Awareness to improve Core strength and Spinal alignment.



Finding an exercise routine that i could consistently stick with was something i struggled with regularly. I found it hard to recover quickly from high intensity workouts and my body would result with aches and pains due to bad form and poor posture/ body alignment.

 Prevents Injury: I found when i started pilates it helped my strength and conditioning exercises to be complimented so well. My recovery was quicker, i had less injury, fewer aches and pains in my back and had gained the flexibility i needed to make my overall movement so much easier.

Calms my mind: Incorporating my practise of pilates into my daily routine has really made my mind find the space it needed to be present, mindful and eased especially when focussing on breathe throughout classes. It allows you to out aside the worries of the day and become mindful in the moment of the movements you are doing and focussing on the correct alignments and breathing techniques. 

Leaves me feeling strong: Before i began integrating Pilates into my lifestyle there were so many areas of my body that felt incredibly weak. Especially my neck which gave me a lot of issues and pain with Migraines. Through consistently incorporating pilates workouts into my daily routine i can feel the difference in my neck today. My migraines have dramatically minimised, the aches are far less than what they were and i can notice the muscle is giving me the support i need leaving me feeling really strong.

Suitable for everyone: I love being able to workout with my friends, Pregnant women, my Mum and Dad and even help those that are working through injury. It gives me the confidence knowing that this form of movement truly is suitable for everyone. It offers all of the regressions and progressions you need to make the workout feel good for you. Whether you need to take things slower or build up the burn there are options for everyone leaving you feeling grounded, aligned 


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