Sustainable Brands we love

Sustainable Brands we love
At Milèa Space one of our 2021 goals was to constantly be working towards a cleaner and more sustainable lifestyle. Often when you think about the overall picture it can become quite overwhelming and feel like you cant play a part in making a change. Its when we realised that if everyone was to have this mindset then we really wouldn't be making any progress at all! All of the small things really do make a difference and they slowly add up to bigger changes if we work collectively.
We are becoming more and more conscious of the steps we take within business and our lifestyles, ensuring that we keep our planet in mind each step of the way. Here we have listed just a small handful of sustainable brands that are making a difference in the way of business. I would love to hear all of your tips and steps to paving a cleaner future for your business and family.
Plastic free shopping has been made SO easy with Seed and Sprouts incredible range of eco-friendly and sustainable products that are friendly to your body and the planet. From lunch storage to compost bins they have everything you need to switch your home over to a plastic free lifestyle. 
The effortless, everyday sunscreen that cares about you and your skin!  Mother SPF's incredible sunscreen range is all-natural, well researched and an incredible solution for anyone wanting to protect their skin and stay hydrated at the same time. Their packaging is 100% recyclable and product 100% Naturally Derived giving you the confidence to shop sustainably!

The Dirt Company was founded on the belief that they could make sustainable household products, that are effective and clean, something people could really fall in love with for the long term. Their product design is both aesthetic to the eye and works an absolute treat! They laundry detergent made such a difference in my household. From struggling with dermatitis and eczema due to all the harsh products my clothes were being washed in, this clean alternative gave me the assurance i needed knowing that my clothes have no nasty fragrances or chemicals in them that are going to irritate my skin. Their products are clean and packaging recyclable so go show them some love!

Fressko flasks are one of the cutest keep cup options on the market! A sustainable, reusable alternative to plastic, rubber or paper, and most importantly single use take-away cups that we can so often find ourselves using day after day. There flasks are designed in Melbourne and we love that they use only 100% BPA Free materials, including bamboo which is sourced from the mountains of Ningbo.

Nat'v basics is an Australian eco-friendly underwear label designed for the everyday woman. Made from recycled and sustainable materials, nat'v basics pieces were designed for women from sizes 8-16 providing the most comfortable options for ALL bodies. They highly value offsetting their shipping carbon emissions through an offset program which we just love! 
Lets make a conscious effort today to make small steps to Bigger change!

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