My ultimate morning routine

My ultimate morning routine

If your anything like myself i absolutely love hearing about other peoples morning routines. Whether it has 2 steps or 15 steps i cant get enough of it! 

Unlike my husband who rolls out of bed with 2 minutes to spare before work, my morning routine has been something ive always given myself time to enjoy and start my day right with. It sets me up for the day and allows me to clear my mind before getting stuck into work and all the other tasks that can often take up your whole day. 

Heres a little glimpse of how it goes!

1. I tend to leave my curtains open so i can wake up with the sun. Having block out curtains used to make it so hard for me to wake up and feel fresh, this way im greeted with the most spectacular sunrise each morning.


2. Wash my face. This really helps me wake up, feel fresh and more present in the moment. 


3. HYDRATE! The first thing i do when i hop out of bed is go and pour myself a big glass of lemon water to hydrate. You have just gone 8 hours without water and your body is craving some H2O.


4. Take my water straight to my Pilates mat outside and have it near me while i stretch it all out. Stretching makes me feel so good and is one of my saving grace for back pain. Your body loves movement and giving it just 5-10 minutes of stretching when waking up can really help with aches and pains.


5. Lists! Once i have finished with my stretches i grab my journal and write out a list of things i need to get done for the day. I also make little notes of things that inspire me and goals i want to achieve. (This most definitely isn't everyday) Some days i really struggle to find inspiration and motivation, but by being still in the moment and bringing my awareness back to the present moment it really gives me clarity to just make today the best it can possibly be.


6. Skincare routine. Whether ive only got 5 more minutes or 15 this is something so important in my morning routine. Treat your skin to a little loving with some hydrating products before heading out for the day. Protect your skin with some spf and you are ready to go!


Now im ready to get my day going, stepping off on the right foot and having the clarity to get through whatever it may be. Give yourself a little bit of room to breath before your busy schedule, it helps me reduce stress and increases my awareness and love for everything i set out to do. 




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